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The purpose of this RFP is to present Chevrolet, BTV’s partner of 24 years, synergistic opportunities beyond our existing partnership that will increase the effectiveness of our partnership, by encouraging thru films and music our Syndicated TV and Subscription Channel viewers to buy Chevrolet.  


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     BTV shows with our partner Chevrolet have presented “African American Short Films” 18 years, “Gospel Music” 23 years and “A Gospel Christmas” 24 years on the air as One Hour, First Run Syndicated, Quarterly, Minority Certified, Nielsen Rated shows that are viewed by a loyal and always growing audience. Nielsen tells us that while BTV shows have maintained “good numbers” for decades in AA ratings from 18+ to 55+ that 40% of our audience is Non-Black translating into a unique mix of AA and General Market viewers.  

       The BadamiTV Channel will premier February 2022 with our 24 year library of shows along with Weekly serials new and vintage films, documentaries, art presentations, cooking & health segments, Gospel music, Jazz and other genres of music, podcasts and MORE. The BTV Channel will stream LIVE  various content!

       BadamiTV Channel will be Live on our website and on iPhones, iPads, Amazon Kindle, Google Chromecast, Android phones and tablets and will be available at the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store as well as the OTT platforms Apple TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire and AndroidTV.




      BadamiTV is considered by many of the 100 TV Stations we air on quarterly and by many of our advertising partners as a successful innovator who brought gospel music and the un-heard of genre short films to National TV and who recognize that we have been able to maintain these grass roots programs with strong ratings for two and a half decades. 

       It is in this spirit of an extended partnership that I present our proposal to do our part to increase Chevrolet automobile sales by continuing to brand existing Chevrolet owners while attracting new Chevrolet buyers.  


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Gospel Music” and “A Gospel Christmas” are nonstop, wall-to-wall music, an opera of lyrics and a symphony of gospel music! Along with presenting established, traditional, contemporary and urban artists, “Gospel Music” is the HOME of INDEPENDENT gospel artists who are the new and up and coming stars of today's gospel music. 


It cannot be emphasized enough that Church and Gospel music are at the center of the African American Community. Recognizing this FACT and marketing with it reaps a trust and loyalty that is un-paralleled in our American society. 


Aligning an advertising campaign with Gospel music creates direct communication with the African American Community that deepens the conversation in a most unique way when it is perceived as authentic. BadamiTV has become a national mainstay in Gospel music. BadamiTV’sGospel Music” is the leading platform for new contemporary Gospel artists. “Gospel Music” is grass roots programming that is watched by whole families because it presents authentic performances that transcends the likes and dislikes of generations because BTV is less about the performer and more about the performance. Kinda reminds you of a Chevrolet!





1.    By creating “Chevrolet’s Gospel ChoraleChevrolet will establish itself as part of the audience’s lives like no other car company ever has. 


Enhanced by Chevrolet’s units from our existing partnership “Chevrolet’s Gospel Chorale” performances will be aired on the syndicated TV shows “Gospel Music” and “A Gospel Christmas”, while they are simultaneously streamed on the BadamiTV Channel. “Chevrolet’s Gospel Chorale” could be displayed in dealer lounges and on Chevrolet web and social media platforms. 


2.    Creating “Chevrolet’s Gospel Music Competition” on the BadamiTV Channel will further ingrain Chevrolet into the fabric of the African American cultural conversation while giving AA artists the opportunity to earn cash awards over and above what the BTV Channel compensates them for, which is based on how many views their videos receive. These winners will also be awarded a spot on the BTV syndicated TV shows “Gospel Music” and “A Gospel Christmas”.


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 African American Short Films are written, produced, directed and acted in by African American women and men who present the images and are the voices of contemporary life in the African American Community. These films range from comedy to drama and all the shades in-between featuring animation, documentaries, historical and period films, bios and more that focus on family, friends, love and LIFE.


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The Chevrolet Film Festival” with films made by African American filmmakers will live on the BadamiTV Channel and be featured on the TV show “African American Short Films” placing Chevrolet in the heart of contemporary storytelling and national entertainment.  


The Chevrolet Film Festival” will award filmmakers the opportunity to earn cash awards over and above what the BTV Channel compensates them for (according to how many views their videos receive) and to be awarded a slot on the syndicated TV show African American Short Films.


With an already established online digital presence it would be a logical next step for “The Chevrolet Film Festival” to grow into a full blown national film festival emanating from Detroit.  


Chevrolet Short Films” is where BadamiTV produces short films that feature Chevrolet cars in their story and are totally shot in and around Chevrolet automobiles. These Chevy films will air as another segment on the TV show “African American Short Films” and be simultaneously streamed on the BadamiTV Channel. “Chevrolet Short Films” will also make good entertainment in dealer show rooms and for Chevrolet web and social media platforms. 


 Here are a few Chevrolet Short Films concepts:


Let Me In” She won’t unlock the door for him. When she does the conflict continues. By dawn he is begging her to drive home and agrees to everything she wants.  She…. is the car!


 “Who’s World Is It” Our heroine is woken up by birds chirping. She owns a delivery business, she dresses for the day’s work, applies her make up and gets in one of her company's delivery SUV’s. As she drives and deliver’s we see her morph into a hard looking, cigar smoking, tattooed arm, Tough Girl as she holds her own while being cut off, yelled at and given an unjust traffic ticket.  We see our heroine back home as she morph’s back into the lovely successful lady she is. 


The Nice Guy” Mr. Nice Guy comes down the elevator to get in his car. The attendants know his schedule and have it ready for him. He gets in and shuts the door. Attendant #1 says to Attendant #2 “Mr. Nice Guy is really a nice guy”.  Mr. Nice Guy pulls off and we see him grip the steering wheel as hairs grow on his fingers, then his nails grow, horror show style. Now hair juts out from under his shirt cuff as Mr. Nice Guy pulls out into the traffic we hear growling.  Time lapse as we see Mr. Nice Guy’s car pull back into the garage.  He gets out of the car all normal and hands off the keys with a smile.  Attendant #2 says to Attendant # 1 “Your right, he really is a Nice Guy”!


 “The Anniversary”  A young couple is parked in a car, there is smoke billowing from under the car hood. They are on their honeymoon.  The car is a goner and they discuss what to do. He suggests they call for a ride and go on their way. She thinks they should call friends to come get them.  This goes on for a while as we see the conversation turn into the blue print for a marriage. What they agree on is to cash in their honeymoon and buy a new car.  We see them 25 years later driving their vintage GM automobile into a classic car festival. 


Old Friends”  The Doing Well Friend is being chauffeured and spots an old Not Doing Well Friend walking down the street. They talk back and forth, car window to sidewalk and back, telling each other how well and not well they are doing. The exchange ends with Not Doing Well saying things are so bad that even the sole of his shoe is hanging off.  The Doing Well Friend pulls out a wad of cash with a thick rubber band around it. He unravels the rubber band thumbing through the money. As he has the driver drive off he flings the rubber band to Not Doing Well and we hear him say “here that will hold you together for a while”. 


The BadamiTV Channel


The BTV Channel is set to premier February of 2022 and offers a world of possibilities for Chevrolet and BadamiTV over and above the good work we are doing in our existing partnership. 


To launch BTV’s unique relationship with Chevrolet we are inviting Chevrolet to offer the first 10,000 subscribers a free six dollar first month subscription to the Channel preparing the way for the music and films to come.




….The BTV Channel is developing “Midnight” a contemporary series that will present vintage detective and horror films peppered with segments from our satiric cast of late night people.  


In 2022 BadamiTV will present Chevrolet with a unique opportunity regarding a book that BTV has interest in concerning an ICONIC music artist. 


          In the not distant future BadamiTV will present Chevrolet with an additional opportunity regarding a play and feature film being developed on the creative and social impact of the iconic comedian of Moms Mabley.


        BadamiTV and the BadamiTV Channel will revive Latino American FilmMakers.


         My co-workers and associates look forward to contributing and being a part of this unique groundbreaking intimate opportunity.  






Frank Badami